graphicgraphicStrolling along the tree-lined streets of our downtown and historic shopping district, you will discover a colorful collection of boutiques and quaint shops offering "uniquely individual" gifts.

The primary business corridors are Fair Oaks and Mission Street, where you can find everything from Antiques to Appliances...

Bicycles to Baskets...Collectibles to Cafes...
Diamonds to Dresses...Films to Flowers...
Giftware to Gadgets...Mysteries to Magic...
Pottery to Pasta...Trendy to Traditional...
Children to Adults....and so much, much more.

Due to its commitment to create a face-to-face, human-scale retail experience, South Pasadena is still a city with determined entrepreneurism.

graphicThe Mission Oaks Shopping District, Fair Oaks and Mission, (the Heart of Downtown) reflects a true downtown where the family can take care of most of its needs within walking distance. City government, including police and fire department is also located within this area. It has been the site of the South Pasadena Ostrich Festival, Holiday Lighting Ceremony and Easter and Halloween Children’s Festivals. The city is focusing redevelopment in this area to further enhance its already important contribution to the South Pasadena economy.

The Mission West District (the Historic Core) of South Pasadena was once the center of commerce in the city. Today, the Mission West area is home to antique, gift and designer shops. Galleries and the city’s historic museum are located here. Heritage Park will soon become part of the plaza for the Blue Line Light Rail Station. Mission West hosts the Mission Street Arts & Crafts Festival and the Farmer’s Market.

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