graphicIn 1896 South Pasadena gained a world-famous tourist attraction - the Cawston Ostrich Farm, which opened on November 17th and became the major employer in the city. For 25 cents, visitors could stroll in a setting advertised as "free from any boisterous element and strictly first class."

graphicThen as now, South Pasadena has long been considered a relaxed and friendly mecca for the weary shopper. Visitors can recapture the feeling of a bygone era as they stroll along our Mission Oaks business district and Mission West historical shopping district. Shoppers with distinct tastes enjoy browsing through a "uniquely individual" variety of shops, with a dash of nationally owned stores to offer a wide variety of products to the shopper.

Today the majority of businesses are primarily small to medium-sized retail and service sector, including real estate, banking, food service, and health care. Today, South Pasadena’s major employers include government, education, grocery and specialized manufacturing. South Pasadena’s workforce is diverse, skilled, and well educated. Because of its economic diversity, the city has avoided some of the sharpest swings of the economic pendulum.

By virtue of both size and choice, South Pasadena remains a very personal business environment. That is one of the city’s greatest assets, particularly when juxtaposed with the intensity and immensity of business in surrounding communities. Many non-residents come to South Pasadena to shop because, as one person put it, "The feel is real."


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