To serve and protect

graphicGoverned by the city of Los Angeles, Universal City-North Hollywood residents elect councilmen and councilwomen to the Los Angeles City Council. These representatives are active members in the day-to-day governing and policy-making that affects both local and citywide interests.

The city of Los Angeles provides locally based fire and police protection. The North Hollywood Police Station, located on Burbank Boulevard, employs 300 officers and offers a variety of community-based programs. The Los Angeles Fire Department staffs Fire Station 60, on Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood, with a core of professional firefighters, paramedics, and administrative staff.

Civic Organizations

Community spirit is alive and well and growing stronger in Universal City-North Hollywood. Scores of clubs and organizations draw people who are pursuing similar goals and interests. Kids join the scouting programs, while adults are sure to find a club that caters to their special interests. Service organizations such as the Kiwanis of North Hollywood, Friends of Lankershim Center for the Arts, Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association, North Hollywood Community Forum, and numerous other organizations provide networking opportunities for local businessmen and women and also sponsor a variety of events that benefit local charities and the community.


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