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Healthcare: Caring and Professional


From acupuncture to the art of feng shui, the facilities and services in West Covina can provide each resident with a healthier and happier life. A high quality of life is of utmost importance in our city and is evidenced by the many healthcare providers throughout the area meeting the needs of newborn babies, seniors, and everyone in between.

The East Valley Community Health Center has been serving the San Gabriel Valley since 1970, providing medical care at low or no cost to qualifying individuals. Kaiser Permanente began with a 12-bed hospital in the middle of the Mojave Desert and now serves over eight million patients. Citrus Valley Health Partners specializes in cancer services, cardiac care, diabetes, home health, hospice, maternity, physical therapy and wound care. West Covina Medical Clinic and Queen of the Valley are two other healthcare providers in West Covina.

East Valley Community Health Center

West Covina also has several chiropractors, orthodontists, dentists and optometrists committed to providing excellent care. Alternative forms of medicine are also available, such as acupuncture, that provide healing and rejuvenation. We are fortunate to be able to offer immediate attention to our residents in whatever capacity required.

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