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Though West Hollywood is one of the hottest destinations to visit, it is also a fantastic place to call your home. The area’s realtors are part of the community, exuding extensive knowledge of the entire city. The real estate market in West Hollywood is hot, with its realtors burning to assist you in the search for the perfect home or business space. Additionally, the area is home to a number of financial institutions and consultants, ready to help you with the finances of making your dream become a reality.

In 2007, the median price for condominiums, town homes and single-family homes in West Hollywood was $1,300,000. Multi-family units outnumber single-family residences in the area, offering an array of styles including many Spanish-style homes, a California favorite.

Beyond West Hollywood’s dazzling cultural atmosphere is a strong sense of community awareness and devotion. The City of West Hollywood received a National Award from the National Association of Town Watch in recognition of its outstanding participation in the 17th Annual Night Out Against Crime. On top of that, the city has also been acknowledged for its social service and environmental programs. Devotion to improving and creating successful social service programs, including AIDS Awareness and Prevention and Russian Outreach, has come to the forefront of life for both residents and businesses in West Hollywood. The city also supports a number of environmental programs, such as hazardous waste disposal, energy conservation and loans for recycling, as well as environmental-friendly business operations.


The City of West Hollywood is known for its support and acceptance of GLBT lifestyles, encompassing more than 18 gay and lesbian clubs and numerous gay and lesbian-friendly restaurants. The community is also home to one of the exclusive gay-only hotels, the San Vicente Inn. In West Hollywood, gay couples can walk along the streets without feeling ostracized and criticized, and the city also offers domestic partnership within its city hall – a luxury not found in most other communities.


A variety of programs and services have been designed for West Hollywood’s strong Russian community. The West Hollywood Russian Advisory Board ensures the Russian-speaking community a unified voice with both public and political access. Programs and services, such as outreach on safety and emergency preparedness, education on avoiding heatstroke and the importance of conserving energy are found at the Russian Community Center.

The community’s significant senior population also has easy access to a number of programs and resources, created to assure a happy and healthy life. The West Hollywood Senior Advisory Board affords information and guidance on all matters relating to the planning, development and coordination of services for older residents. Acting as an advocate and providing linkage between residents, organizations, city officials and the general community, the Board strives to promote and stimulate public interest in problems of the elderly and solicits the cooperation of public and private agencies and institutions sharing the same values and goals.

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