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Proudly calling Santa Monica Boulevard, or the historic Route 66, its “Main Street,” West Hollywood residents and visitors enjoy the varied array of retail stores that line this major boulevard. The community continues to cultivate an environment where diverse and eclectic businesses and cultures can make a statement and really prosper.

The area’s nightlife is thriving, no matter which street you choose to venture down. A drive down Santa Monica will guarantee a meeting with an enthusiastic group of people, enjoying the beautiful California weather outside many gay and lesbian establishments. A typical night along Santa Monica Boulevard may consist of a delectable dinner at an elegant restaurant, followed by a night of live music at one of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip nightclubs.


A passion for entertainment and the arts in West Hollywood is clear, with the creative art industry brining in an annual $200 million in business. Theatres, offering productions of the new and creative, have established themselves in the community, enjoying great success. The West Hollywood Orchestra can be seen at a number of events and venues throughout the city. What’s more, many music studios and film production companies have set up offices in the alleyways behind western Santa Monica Boulevard, providing a certain secrecy to its starts. More openly, The Lot on eastern Santa Monica Boulevard creates some of the most significant works of Hollywood.

Rich, magnificent architecture houses the city’s shops and galleries along the Avenues of Art Design, adding to the district’s already dynamic climate. It is our hope that you will visit the Avenues often, share in our deep heritage and abounding services, and ultimately find your own personal style with the help of our resident experts.

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