Berthoud, CO Chamber of Commerce


The Berthoud town government is an institution that represents the people, and as such works with local businesses and community members to provide for the best interests of the town. Through visioning projects and comprehensive plans, Berthoud’s development is carefully planned and with consideration for the whole population, taking into account concerns of the citizens.

Berthoud is fortunate to be served by dependable public servants, who care for and protect the community. The Berthoud Police Department is comprised of five sworn officers, who offer many proactive services. Officers are involved in several programs designed to educate seniors, students and other groups.

The Berthoud Fire Protection District has two fire stations that serve 17,000 people in the 100 square-mile area. A combination of career and volunteer firefighters not only responds to emergencies, but also works to prevent them. Through programs such as Kid Care I.D., Bicycle Helmet Safety, CPR classes and Seniors and Law Enforcement Together, the fire department strives to educate citizens in areas of safety.


Berthoud, CO Chamber of Commerce

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