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Parks and Recreation

Berthoud is fortunate to be surrounded by many local and regional parks, all offering a much-needed respite into nature. The town maintains several parks within its limits that afford a number of opportunities for recreation, from ball courts to playgrounds, picnic areas, and skate facilities. In addition to parks and facilities, the town’s recreation program organizes a great number of classes and activities, such as volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis, tae-kwon-do, aerobics and swimming lessons.

Berthoud’s central location makes traveling to other recreation destinations quick and easy. Rocky Mountain National Park, at an hour drive from Berthoud, offers some of the most resplendent natural resources anywhere. With over 100 peaks above 10,000 feet, 359 miles of trails and 265,000 acres of natural wonder, visitors can endlessly explore the park’s resources. The park is perfect for backpacking, hiking, climbing, fishing, wildlife viewing and more. Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in the country, affords an unparalleled view of the rising peaks.

Berthoud Recreation
Main Office (970) 532-1600
Town Fields (970) 532-3086
Weather Cancellation (970) 622-2524
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Berthoud, CO Chamber of Commerce

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