Berthoud, CO Chamber of Commerce

Business and Industry

Business is thriving in Berthoud, thanks to the efforts of local government and involved residents. The Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce works with local businesses to promote and improve the quality of economy while addressing quality of life issues.

Berthoud has implemented a Main Street Program, founded by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Through community involvement, the program is designed to preserve the historic face of Berthoud’s Old Town, while promoting economic growth and revitalization.

The Main Street program intends to make downtown more user and customer friendly, making a strong center for the expanding real estate and growing citizenry. With a town center that is re-done and spruced up, Berthoud expects to attract new businesses, retain the old ones and increase sales tax revenue.

Some of the preliminary plans include widening streets and sidewalks, adding artistic and natural adornments and improving accessibility.

Workers Age 16 and Over 6,103
Employed in Larimer County 2,247
Average Travel Time to Work 28.8 minutes

Management/Professional 2,318
Sales/Office 1,724
Construction/Maintenance 788
Service 712
Production/Transportation 591


Berthoud, CO Chamber of Commerce

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