Weather & Climate

Average Days of Sunshine 255 days/year
Warmest Month July
Average Temperature 73F
Coolest Month January
Average Temperature 30F
Annual Precipitation 16.6 inches/year
Annual Snowfall 62.2 inches/year
Average Humidity 40%
Source: Metro Denver Facts

Tax Rates
Sales Tax (%) 2005
Castle Rock 3.6
Douglas County 1.0
Regional Transportation District* 0.0
State 2.9
Total 7.5

Property Tax Mill Levies** 2004
Castle Rock .2.058
Douglas County 19.774
School District 46.500
Public Library 4.052

* Some areas of Castle Rock are subject to a 0.8% RTD/SCFD/Stadium District/FD tax.
** There are Special Districts within Castle Rock. A complete list of districts and current mill levies can be obtained at the Douglas County Assessor’s office.


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