Estes Park has a variety of neighborhoods, some close to downtown, others located on the outskirts of town. Styles range from traditional log cabins that served as summer homes, to large, multi-level year-round residences. The average price of a home in Estes Park in 2000 was about $269,000, although there is a tremendous range in housing prices. Rentals are available, with prices ranging from $700-$1300 for 2-3 bedroom houses. There are 70 apartments that are designated for senior housing, with another 111 apartments classified as "rent adjusted housing."

Estes Park is a popular area for active retirees who appreciate the outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural activities and local amenities. With its proximity to Denver and other Front Range communities, including the college communities of Boulder, Fort Collins and Greeley, Estes offers accessibility to any imaginable educational opportunity or "big city" amenity.

Many seniors enjoy local membership in the YMCA. Also popular is the Senior Center, the Municipal Pool, and theater productions, concerts and recitals produced by local fine arts organizations.

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