Famous Palisade People

Wayne N. Aspinall, a Palisade Native, was a U.S. Congressman representing Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District for 24 years from 1948 until 1972. As chairman of the U.S. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee, he was responsible for legislation which created the huge dams in the Southwest which store water for flood control and recreation.

Inventions by Palisade People

The Picking Sack - In 1915, Nancy Cutter Bowman invented and patented the fruit picking sack to help field workers pick fruit more efficiently.

The Hiatt Pack - a mechanical device for "facing" peaches in bushels was invented in 1925 by E. B. Hiatt.

The Edwards Grader - a mechanical device for sorting peaches into different sizes so boxes could be filled with uniform sized fruit was invented by Billy Edwards.

Peeples De-Fuzzer - an electrical brushing device which removes fuzz from peaches was invented by Raymond Peeples.

Smudge Pot - a coal burning and crude oil smudge pot was invented by J.C. Plant in 1908 as a way to increase temperatures in the orchard to help prevent crop damage from late spring frost.




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