Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

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Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

Many people continually flock to Pueblo West, drawn by the vast economic opportunities, quality living and exceptional home range and values. Over the past decade, there has been a boom in home construction, with over 661 building permits being issued for new single-family residential construction in Pueblo West in 2003. Thus far in 2006, permits are running even higher.

The cost of owning a quality home is especially affordable. According to ACCRA’s cost-of-living report, Pueblo’s housing continues to rank approximately 8.4% below the national average. In 2003, the average sale price of a single-family home in Pueblo County was $163,772, which includes both new construction and existing homes. Over 2,200 homes were sold and the market average to sale was 72 days.

Pueblo West is such a popular area for many reasons. The community is noted for its neat, well-kept residential areas, which can be attributed to having one of the highest percentages of home ownership in America. Home styles in Pueblo West range from neighborhoods in urban, rural, or prairie settings. One can find unique Spanish style homes, modern residential and rustic ranches.

Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

Pueblo West remains the fastest growing area in Southern Colorado, laying claim to more than half of the new homes constructed the past several years. Any construction in Pueblo West must comply with the Declaration of Reservations recorded for the tract as laid out by the Pueblo West Committee of Architecture, which ensures the quality and diversity of Pueblo West’s development.

Residential growth has continued to grow at a rate of 3.9% over 2004. There are 400 miles of road and 19,000 plotted lots with 87% zoned A-3, one-acre or larger lots. This provides great open spaces and view corridors which was intended in the community development. Currently, Pueblo West has reached 50% of its built out capacity.

In the last five years, new housing starts have exceeded five hundred per year. Average sales price in Pueblo West for 2004 was $163,772.


Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

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