Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

A Strong Economic Base

Pueblo County is enjoying a thriving economy thanks to the cooperative efforts of local government, businesses and development groups. Pueblo has one of the lowest cost-of-doing business ratings in America. This rating is attained through a low cost of construction, fully-serviced industrial sites at the lowest cost in Colorado, innovative customized job training, a skilled work force and tax incentives. In addition, Pueblo offers low-cost energy and utility services, an abundant supply of clean water and convenient transportation access.

Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

Pueblo West’s building costs have always been among the lowest in America, largely because the weather allows construction to go on year-round. Its cost-of-construction index is approximately 8.8% lower than the national average and comparable to or lower than most other cities in the Sun Belt.

Pueblo West offers a stable and productive work force that boasts a strong work ethic, low absenteeism and low turnover. The educational system stands ready to design employee-training programs for companies requiring specialized skills. Job training is part of an excellent incentives package that also provides enterprise zone tax credits and cash grants to those who qualify.

Pueblo West also boasts low-cost energy and utility services, the result of well-managed public services. The town’s mild climate helps hold energy costs to a relative minimum, and local communication services offer a full range of digital and fiber optic-based telecommunication services, including one’s that significantly reduce long-distance charges for both large and small users.

Another major asset to development in Pueblo County is an abundant water supply. Pueblo is in the enviable position of having more water than it currently needs for drinking, irrigation, and recreation. Outstanding management by the Pueblo West utilities also results in very favorable rates and incentives for new industrial customers.

Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

The community benefits from a strategic location along Interstate Highway 25 and US Highway 50. Many licensed motor freight carriers do interstate and intrastate business in Pueblo West. Swift Transportation operates a terminal at the Pueblo Memorial Airport Industrial Park, and Target’s Distribution Center estimates 20,000 inbound and the same number of outbound truck trips annually.

Pueblo West is a community on the grow, which is welcomed, planned and sought after. Serious efforts have gone into attracting new corporate neighbors and new community residents. Today, the Pueblo West’s employment picture is bright and diverse. The number of people with jobs has grown substantially, accompanied by a steady decline in the unemployment rate. Currently, the total civilian labor force in Pueblo County exceeds 60,000.

Pueblo West businesses benefit from the local labor market, which offers a substantial and diverse pool of occupational skills. It varies from light industry and data processing to the more timeless trades and crafts. If specific skills are not readily available to meet particular needs, new or expanding businesses in the Pueblo area have an excellent option.

Pueblo West offers a wide range of businesses, from light industrial manufacturers such as Boyd Sheet Metal, to services geared toward other businesses. Retailers like the Pueblo West Rental Center, Demmler Landscaping, and Badger Construction, Inc., are committed to beautifying Pueblo West, and traditional trades such as Brian S. Nielson, PLLC, and SCA Insurance offer necessary services to individuals and businesses alike.

Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

The Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce is an instrumental force in organizing relations between local government, businesses, and residents, and helping guide the community’s progress toward a prosperous future. The Chamber is dedicated to creating a climate for healthy business growth and economic development, while also considering the well-being and quality of life in the community.

Several organizations are available to help in developing specialized employee-training programs. Both the Colorado State University-Pueblo and Pueblo Community College have the equipment, staff and willingness to design training programs. Each is specific to the individual needs and time frames of employers. One such training program is the Colorado FIRST Program, an existing-industry customized training program administered by Pueblo Community College. This program includes state money to provide free, customized training to companies as an incentive for locating new firms or expanding existing companies in Pueblo.

Pueblo industries offer an attractive wage rate structure, which is high enough to keep workers productive and loyal yet competitive enough to compare favorably with other areas of the state and nation. The quality of the labor force, its enthusiasm and productive capacity, work hand-in-hand to make a significant contribution to the success of new and expanding business and industry in Pueblo West.


Pueblo West, CO Chamber of Commerce

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