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Whether you are out to shop for the month’s groceries or aimlessly browsing through stores, you’ll find that Pocatello and Chubbuck shopping is easy, convenient and friendly. I-15 and I-86 circumscribe the city from south to west and makes going from one end of town to the other a cinch. Our one-way streets and wide thoroughfares expedite travel within the cities, accessing stores and shopping centers handily.

National chains have found Pocatello and Chubbuck to be good places to establish their businesses. Bed, Bath & Beyond; Ross; T. J. Maxx; Tuesday Morning; Staples and others have found a home here. “Do-it-yourselfers” will find a Lowes and Home Depot, as well as an ACE Hardware store and many hardware specialty outlets. Grocery shoppers can choose from a Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers Supercenter or other large chains such as Albertson’s, WINCO, a regional discount grocery or Costco. For those who like to shop for organic foods or any unusual items, there is the recently opened, unique Kinport Junction in the historic warehouse area. Thrifty shoppers will thrill at the bargains they find at Deseret Industry, Youth Ranch, St. Vincent DePaul, Goodwill and the many other thrift and antique stores around town.Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck is home to more than 75 stores, including such major retailers as Sears, Shopko and JCPenney.

Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of sports stores, stocked and ready to serve them with the proper equipment and clothing for their next adventure.


Due to the diversity of the people who have settled in this area, Pocatello and Chubbuck possess a wide variety of eateries and dining establishments, from the intimate Indian or Greek restaurants to the fine, elegant dining in our hotels and high-end establishments.

National chains also offer excellent menus. From Elmer’s to Golden Coral and Chili’s to The Texas Roadhouse, you’ll find what you crave.

Locals like the atmosphere and comfort foods found in our homey places like Remos, The Sandpiper, Butterburr’s and Oliver’s.

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