Rexburg has a population of 17,257 (2000) which is a 11.4% rise from 1990. It is located in a high country valley with an elevation of 4850 feet. The Teton Mountains can be seen to the east, the Centennial Mountains to the north, and many different mountain ranges drop into the desert to the west. The area is semi-desert with an annual precipitation of only 13.77 inches contributing to the urgency of water supplies throughout the history of the country.

Although agriculture remains first in economic impact in the community of Rexburg, many large business enterprises also dot the landscape. BYU-Idaho is the largest employer in the community. Artco, a mail order printing business, is next with several hundred employees. Technoloy companies have sprung up to take advantage of the large labor supply. Tourism is becoming a major impact to the community

located just a short drive from Yellowstone Park, from Jackson Hole, from Craters of the Moon National Monument, and from excellent hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

graphicA group of college and community officials touring Europe with the Ricks College folk dance team decided to see if a folk dance festival could be started in Rexburg. The Idaho International Folk Dance Festival has been listed several times as one of the top 100 events to see in North America.

Started in 1888 as the Bannock Stake Academy, Rexburg's school of higher learning struggled to keep afloat through its early years. In 1902, the name changed to Ricks Academy in honor of the founder of the town. With the addition of higher education classes the name was changed to Ricks College in 1923. The Ricks name was to remain with the school until 2001 when the name changed to Brigham Young University Idaho.

graphicThe Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center houses the Teton Flood Museum. In 1983 the museum opened its doors with a flood exhibit, historical exhibits, and special exhibits about the history of the Upper Snake River Valley. The library of the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society has the most extensive collection of historical documents in the valley.

Becoming more popular each year with off road enthusiasts are the 20 miles of sand hills located just north of Rexburg. This sand is the left over of a huge lake that filled the Intermountain west until it drained to the Pacific through the Snake River. It is also a popular place for family picnics and hiking.

The combination of agricultural interests and recreation has transformed Rexburg into an environmentally clean community that can appeal to almost every interest. Expanding business has created an atmosphere of job opportunity. The future of growth in Rexburg seems to be assured.

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