graphicShoshone Falls, the Niagara of the West, is located in the nearly 500 foot deep Snake River Canyon gouged out by the Great Bonneville Flood some 15,000 years ago. On the city's northern edge, the Canyon presents perhaps the most dramatic entrance to any city anywhere. The I.B. Perrine Bridge is the longest and highest span bridge in the West and is the only bridge in the nation where B.A.S.E. jumpers can legally parachute every day of the year.

For visitors, there are ample hotel rooms, over 100 places to dine and interesting places to explore. One is the Herrett Center for the Arts and Sciences located on the beautiful campus of the College of Southern Idaho. The Herrett is a museum, art gallery and thanks to the Faulkner Planetarium and new observatory (to be opened in 2004) one of the most interesting stops for young and old alike.

Walking trails along the Snake River Canyon offer awe-inspiring views of the Snake River Canyon, Pillar Falls and 2 challenging golf courses in the canyon. Tour boats offer river trips and whitewater trips can begin here, too.

graphicTwin Falls offers visitors, residents and businesses ample opportunities to enjoy life and prosper. You are invited to explore our community as well.



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