graphicThe Bolingbrook Police Department consists of 92 full-time sworn - in officers, 15 telecommunications personnel, and 15 support staff. An emergency 911 dispatch is also available at our local police department.

The department's Crime Prevention Bureau offers programs and services geared toward the public. These programs include: Neighborhood Watch, Vacation Watch, Block Parents, "Stranger Danger", Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and COPS program.

Another service the Police Department offers is Animal Control, which provides enforcement of local Animal Ordinances and State laws; also, wildlife control, pet adoptions, the maintenance of an animal pound and volunteer services from the Animal Rescue Foundation. For young adults, the Police Department provides an opportunity to gain insight into the field of Law Enforcement while providing helpful services to the Police Department and to the Village by allowing the students to hold Law Enforcement Explorer posts.

The Police also offer social services including family counseling, crisis intervention, and helpful programs for wayward juveniles.



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