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graphicThe face of business in Canton has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The early 1980’s saw the closing of most of the area’s coal mines and Canton’s largest employer, the International Harvester Company.

Since that time, much of the city’s business has become retail and service based. Canton continues to be home to numerous independent businesses, as well as a number of national retailers. The downtown boasts a healthy mix of retailers and service businesses. The city is dotted throughout with various shopping areas and businesses.

MidAmerica National Bank is a locally owned institution with offices in six cities and assets in excess of $248,000,000. Canton is also home to very active offices of First Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. These institutions provide financing for all the business needs of Canton. The downtown is also home to a branch office of CEFCU, a large multi-county credit union providing a wide array of services.

Canton is home to numerous law firms, title companies, insurance agencies, accountants, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, and appraisers who provide all the professional services a growing community needs.

Canton’s major employers include the Illinois River Correctional Center, Graham Hospital, and Canton Union School District 66.

The Canton Area Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of over 240 businesses, professionals, social service agencies, and individuals in the Canton area.

Canton is proud to have a well-rounded business community, but it will always welcome new businesses and industries to our area.



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