The seven villages of the Cardunal area are tucked neatly into the Fox River Valley’s eye pleasing landscape. Rich and diverse in character, these villages are cozy places to live, work, and raise a family.

graphicDiversity is a key element in the Cardunal community. West Dundee literally blooms with retailing. East Dundee focuses on its long and often dramatic history. Carpentersville, Algonquin, and Gilberts are centers of growing industrial might. And Sleepy Hollow and Lake In The Hills beckon with serene and varied residential neighborhoods.

The rich flavor of diversity is evident in the area’s numerous subdivisions of new homes, in the variety of older homes, and in the many townhome, condominium, and apartment complexes. New or old, there is a home in the Cardunal area for every budget.

The area boasts of excellent public and private schools and higher education opportunities. Abundant recreation facilities in village and township parks are designed for all ages. Expert health care and treatment are readily available. Shopping is always conveniently near. And the church of choice welcomes all.

The spirit of community dominates in the Cardunal area, a spirit of caring and cooperation. “Paint-A-Thon” is the newest example of this spirit. Home owning senior citizens with limited incomes in Carpentersville, Dundee, Algonquin, Gilberts, and Sleepy Hollow can apply to have the exterior of their homes freshly painted by area volunteers without cost. Volunteers are recruited from area businesses, service clubs, church groups, and other organizations.

The Cardunal area is an appealing place to live, filled with the amenities that gives peace of mind in a hectic world

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