The seven communities of the Cardunal area are Carpentersville, East Dundee, West Dundee, Sleepy Hollow, Gilberts, Algonquin, and Lake In The Hills. The 911 emergency response system operates in all seven villages. Each village has its own police force and fire department. Three rural fire districts serve unincorporated areas. These are the Spring Lakes Fire Protection District, East Dundee and Countryside District, the West Dundee District, and the Rutland Township Fire District.

Carpentersville operates under a manager/council form of government, but retains its village status and employs a professional village manager to oversee the several departments of government. Carpentersville government is headquartered in a sprawling red brick structure on the village’s east side.It employs 125 full-time workers and has a police force consisting of 51 sworn officers and a civilian staff of five. A Tax Increment Finance district covers an industrial area along Route 31 on the village’s east side.

East Dundee celebrated its 125th anniversary in 1996 and is looking to celebrate its founding annually. Village Hall is a small, historic, tan brick structure constructed sometime around 1880. A more recent addition to the building contains the board of trustees meeting room. A village president and six trustees oversee government, aided by a professional village administrator. The village has 25 employees.

West Dundee’s municipal headquarters is an elegant and historic building in the downtown area constructed in 1909. Its dominant feature is a clock tower that faces out over the downtown. A professional village administrator manages the day-to-day activities of government which has 74 full-time and part-time employees. The community recently joined with East Dundee in inaugurating the Illinois Main Street Program for the two downtowns. West Dundee and East Dundee are considering the merits of a special service area as a means of stimulating downtown enhancements.

Sleepy Hollow’s government, in keeping with the residential character of the village, is housed in a collection of barn red and white farm buildings, complete with a genuine silo. The village has a population of 3,600 and covers four square miles with 27 miles of streets. Managed by a village president and six trustees, its employment reaches a peak during the summer months when it has about 29 workers.

Gilberts has a population of 1,200 and sees growth in its future. The village recently annexed nearly 600 acres of land which is zoned for residential use. It has three large areas reserved for industry, with plenty of space available for new plants and businesses. Gilberts’ government is housed in a small, quaintly styled building on Railroad Street in the heart of the community, where six full-time and 15 part- time people are employed, not including its seven-person police force.

Algonquin’s government is housed in an impressive, new two-level, red brick building on the community’s west side, surrounded by new single family and multi-family residences. The former Village Hall is to be used by the community’s Historic Commission. Like most other Cardunal area communities, it has a village form of government, with a professional village manager to supervise the daily activities of 95 employees. Algonquin presently covers 8.9 square miles and is growing. Today, its population is about 19,000. By 2015, it is projecting a population of 45,000.

Lake In The Hills operates under the village form of government with a president and six trustees who employ a professional village administrator to manage the day-to-day activities of government. Village Hall is a smartly styled red brick colonial structure tucked into a hillside so that its main entrance brings visitors to the second floor administrative offices, while a lower level entrance leads to the police department.

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