graphicChicago Southland encompasses the south and southwest suburban area of Chicago, a vast region with 71 independently prosperous communities and more than 2.5 million residents. The area's rich transportation assets and large labor force have helped it to become America's manufacturing and distribution center.

graphicThe 71 communities of Chicago Southland vary widely in size and populations : from about 500 to more than 50,000 residents. Several cities are major industrial centers, with Fortune 500 and large multinational companies represented. Many communities are vibrant retail centers that draw shoppers from a wide radius. Some rub shoulders with neighbors, while others are rural in character and location. A small number of communities are strictly residential, some with home values reaching to seven figures.

Chicago Southland offers its business and industry ready access to all modes of transportation : highway, air, rail, and water. The region's workforce is well-educated and well-trained, thanks to excellent school systems, several two-year community colleges, and a regional university.

graphicLife's many satisfactions are found in Chicago Southland. Residents enjoy nearly endless opportunities for recreation in thousands of acres of forest preserves, in parklands owned by park districts and municipalities, and in a variety of privately operated facilities. Some of the world's best golf courses are found in the area. The region is home to such high-culture attractions as two symphony orchestras, a nationally renowned outdoor music theater, art galleries, unique museums and libraries, an authentic big band ballroom, and numerous family-oriented festivals. Residents living in villages and towns with convenient proximity to Chicago share the many cultural, sports and entertainment amenities available in the city.

Quality health care in Chicago Southland is ensured by nine hospitals, several women's health centers, numerous clinics and immediate care centers, and the offices of hundreds of physicians and dentists.

All of Chicago Southland's 71 communities are ideal for business and industry and are great places to live, work, and raise a family or enjoy retirement years.


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