graphicThree regional organizations in Chicago Southland have joined forces to coordinate the efforts of communities that share a determination to grow and work in harmony to achieve common goals. Working under the umbrella of the Chicago Southland ALLIANCE, each group has its own responsibilities.

The Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce is charged with the responsibility of creating a favorable business environment and image in the area's 71 communities. The organization both serves and represents the Chicago Southland business community. Through its Economic Development Division, the Chamber focuses on supporting the growth of local firms and attracting new business investment.

The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association meets regularly to discuss problems and opportunities of mutual concern and map appropriate plans and actions.

Encouraging and assisting relocations and expansions in the area's business and industrial sector is the responsibility of the Chicago Southland Development, Inc.

Together, these three groups are working to enhance and improve the economic climate of the region.

These three organizations : the Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce, South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, and Chicago Southland Development, Inc. : have formed an alliance whose task is strategic economic development planning for the region. The five-year program seeks to create 10,000 new primary jobs, create 14,980 service sector and support jobs, increase capital investment in the region by $750,000,000, and increase area payroll by $473,000,000 annually.

The Chicago Southland Convention and Visitors Bureau promotes the area's numerous appealing attractions. It responds to queries with a collection of colorful and informative brochures. The Chicago Southland Housing Coalition strives to assure fair housing opportunities for all residents of the area.

Through regional cooperation, the 71 communities of Chicago Southland assure continued growth and prosperity as they enter the new millennium.


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