graphicChicago Southland's 71 communities offer a myriad of delights. Each has something special to offer that makes for comfortable and secure family living. Some have in-town colleges. Some boast a quality hospital within their borders. Others claim magnificent parks and recreation facilities or grand shopping centers.

These claims are reflections of community pride, for wherever one lives in Chicago Southland, the entire region is home. Workers may live in one community but work in another. The cultural assets of Governors State University or the Tweeter Music Theater belong as much to folks living in Blue Island as to local residents. The huge shopping malls of Orland Park and Calumet City are shared by all.

However, community pride also creates distinctiveness. So, while one community may encourage more and more retailing or industrial development, its neighbor may carefully guard its residential character. One may boast parks and recreation facilities while another may be nearly surrounded by county forest preserves and their many recreational amenities.graphic

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