Chicago is a classic American city, always striving to be bigger and better.

Chicago's cultural community offers an outstanding variety of music, dance and theater proceedings throughout the year. The story of America is told in Chicago's neighborhoods, where wave after wave of immigrants carried with them the most cherished customs and traditions from the Old World into the New World.

Chicago is now home to more than one hundred ethnic groups, and every one of them contributes to the cosmopolitan atmosphere that makes Chicago not only a great American city, but a world class city.

Chicago is known as the home of both the world's first skyscraper and the world's tallest building, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chicago architecture. In Chicago's renowned museums, you can walk inside a real submarine, learn the facts about dinosaurs, or explore the African American experience through the visual arts. Chicago's interactive museums - along with its scenic parks, education tours, and world championship sports teams - make a trip to Chicago an unforgettable adventure.

Chicago offers some of the finest shopping in the world - from State Street to the Magnificent Mile to the Shops at the Mart.

You can even browse through eclectic, vintage, or sometimes rare treasures of the New Maxwell Street Market, where shoppers can savor the cultural diversity that is Chicago.

After a full day of shopping, you'll be hungry enough to eat Mrs. O'Leary's cow - fortunately, you won't have to. Chicago has thousands of restaurants, and the tastes of Chicago are served up with a distinct world flavor. Think you've heard everything? Actually, there's much more to learn about Chicago.

Where can your family tour world class museums, attend major league sports events, dine at restaurants of every cuisine, enjoy theater performances especially for children, and see a panoramic view from the world's tallest building?



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