Once a summertime escape for wealthy Chicago businessmen and their families, Flossmoor preserves its elegance in homes and shopping.

Flossmoor's delightful, 75-year-old, Tudor-styled downtown business area perpetuates an appealing small town charm, with exclusive shops and sophisticated merchandise. Flossmoor Commons shopping center augments the downtown business district in a positive, complimentary manner. Flossmoor has created a Tax Increment Financing district in its southwest corner to encourage development of high quality office space.

Residential areas of the community dramatically portray its affluence. Elegant mansions from the early decades of this century combine with the large, fashionable homes built later. Street names like Caddy, Bunker, and Brassie reflect the area's early creation of some of the finest golf courses to be found anywhere. New, high quality residential development continues today. Home prices in Flossmoor can reach well into the six-figure range.

Flossmoor and Homewood, its neighboring community, share school and park districts. In public education, instructors, and programs are the finest, credited in part to the fact that more than half the adult residents of Flossmoor have baccalaureate and advanced degrees.

The Homewood-Flossmoor Park District boasts exceptional facilities like its Iron Oaks Environmental Learning Center, 33 natural acres that provide excellent wintertime cross-country skiing for residents. Another prime park district facility is its Racquetball Club, which has undergone a $4 million expansion that created a new fitness center with running track and a health education wellness center run in cooperation with Ingalls Hospital.



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