Once known as Thornton Station, just another stop on the Illinois Central Railroad, Homewood has become one of Chicago Southland's liveliest retailing centers. Its traditional downtown prospers with specialty boutiques, while major shopping centers, like Washington Square Mall and Park Place Plaza, attract the big discount stores, home improvement centers, and department stores.

The downtown business district is made livelier by recent improvements in store facades, new sidewalks, and other streetscape enhancements. More than $1.8 million has been spent on these improvements and Homewood's facade program earned it national recognition in 1993.

Homewood continues to look for ways to improve. It created a Tax Increment Financing district to encourage business development. It also encourages residential development on available land. The village recently acquired 15 acres for a prairie land preserve. Its Metra station has undergone a $2.7 million renovation, enhanced with the addition of an elevator for handicapped commuters and a pooling area for buses.

The village is served by school district 153, a district with excellent facilities and programs, encouraged by a population in which more than one-third hold college or professional degrees.

Homewood's location is a convenient one - I-80/294 is a mile to the north. It's a 20 minute drive to downtown Chicago. The village also boasts an Amtrak station.



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