Only the Rock Island's "milk train" stopped in Midlothian to serve a few farmers back in 1900 when a group of Chicago businessmen decided faster transportation was needed to get them to the green knolls of the new Midlothian Country Club, founded in 1899. A spur track was built and trains sped them to their golf game at the course, named for a borough in Scotland. The Rock Island built a depot and traffic increased.

In 1915, developers came and farms were subdivided and sold. Soon there was a store and school (now Midlothian Historical Society & Fine Arts Building).

In 1927, Midlothian was incorporated, taking its name from the country club. Since then, Midlothian has grown to the limit of its boundaries and to a population of just under 15,000 residents. A family-oriented community, Midlothian boasts a new library, an excellent park district, good schools, youth groups and sports programs for all seasons, and a strong religious community which fosters an ecumenical spirit of cooperation among the various denominations.

Midlothian is situated in an area abounding with forest preserves. The Indian Boundary Prairies (Sundrop Prairie specifically) mark its southeast border. A new bicycle/walking path has just opened.

With low taxes, fine service, easy access to public transportation, highways and shopping, developers continue to search for any available lot on which to build. Community pride built Midlothian and it is that same community pride that promises the Village a bright future.



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