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The Cicero Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) provides Cicero with leadership in action. The Chamber was formed in 1987 with the merger of the old Cicero Chamber of Commerce and Industry established in 1979 and the Cicero Manufacturers Association, founded in 1944.

Today, the Chamber brings together over 380 members from the entire Cicero business community. Chamber members realize that what happens in the Cicero area affects their business. The Chamber membership roster represents both large and small businesses in virtually every profession in the Cicero area. This diversity in membership influences the direction of the Chamber's many programs and provides the ideas, talent, and finances needed to keep it an action-oriented voice for business.

The Chamber's many benefits and services include: providing a variety of opportunities for networking; acting as liaison to the town; presenting low-cost seminars, workshops, and programs; acting as an information center addressing an average of 600 business calls and referrals per month; supporting public relations and community promotion activities; and being earnestly involved in quality-of-life endeavors for youth - its future employees - by working with the school systems to develop purposeful business/education partnership activities.

What Does the Cicero Chamber of Commerce and Industry Do For You?

The Cicero Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an alliance of businesses, industry and professionals carrying on a continuous program to induce new business to come to our area. The Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building and maintaining the high economic standards of our town through a continuous and intensive program for community development.

It's Your Legislative Voice...

The Chamber serves as the voice of business on questions and taxation and legislation. It represents your views to government. It supports those measures which are good for business and for you...and opposes those which are detrimental.

It's the Front Door of YOUR Community...

The Chamber is the window of your community, a place where many visitors, newcomers, executives, businesses and others obtain their first impressions of the soundness and hospitality of the community. It is most of all, people like you working to make our area a better place to trade, work and live. This organization works every day for you and your business.

It's YOUR Representative in the Community...

The Chamber serves as the liaison to local officials, groups and various associations in the Town. We protect and increase your investments by focusing community awareness on today's most urgent community needs.

It's YOUR Clearinghouse of Our Area...

The Chamber is a public relations firm for our Town and its businesses. We reply to inquiries about our community and offer general information concerning our Town. We serve as a referral center, recommending Chamber members to our many callers.

Why Should YOU Support the Chamber of Commerce?

For all the many reasons listed and because it's just good business sense to support the organization that will do so much for really so little. With YOUR support through a dues investment (our only means for support) many important services will receive the attention they need.

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Throughout its history, the spirit of Cicero is kept alive by the dedication and cooperation of its people, business and civic leaders all working together to enrich the lives of the Town's citizens, promote the welfare of its youth, and enhance the quality of life in its diverse ethnic neighborhoods.

Cicero is a melting pot of cultures. Early immigrants included Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Lithuanians, Italians, Germans, Greeks, Irish, Scots, English, Scandinavians, and more recently Asians and Hispanics. As diverse as these cultures are, they all place strong importance on family values, civic pride, and involvement in their neighborhood and community.

Cicero is the only town government in the state and is comprised of a President, Town Clerk, Collector, Supervisor, Assessor, and four Trustees. It is also one of the first in the state to form a Planning and Development Commission, bringing many advances to the business community. It is now a full time department of the Town.

Cicero's location is another factor that attracts many people to live here and businesses to locate in the area. Its world class transportation links include exceptional rail service, and proximity to major interstates. It is just 10 minutes away from Midway Airport to the south and is 25 minutes from O'Hare International Airport to the northwest.

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Cicero's industry produces goods designed for today's consumption as well as highly technical and specialized products such as components, paper and packaging supplies, gears and gear drives, hammered forgings, prepared foods, and the manufacturing of machinery and parts. The majority of the manufacturing firms in Cicero are privately owned and are highly sensitive to the needs of the community.


Since its beginning in 1857, Cicero has been a community based on commercial success and growth. Dominated by Cermak Road, Cicero's downtown commercial and retail districts have shown growth, adaptation, and revitalization.

The commercial community is a blend of solid retail stores and service firms. Its success is a result of the strong work ethic which characterizes the Town. One strength of the commercial and retail sector lies in the extensive number of firmly established financial institutions located in the community.

Complementing this commercial sector are the business districts along Roosevelt Road, 14th Street, 25th Street, 26th Street, 35th Street, Cicero Avenue, Ogden Avenue and the intersection of 31st Street and Laramie Avenue. These other areas provide convenient, close-by alternatives for a Town comprised of neighborhoods.

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Due largely to its proximity to Chicago, its eastern neighbor, Cicero's transportation system is world class. Cicero's northern and southern borders are skirted by major interstates 290 and 55, which put it within a day's drive of over half of the major markets in the United States.

Cicero's strategic location on the Burlington Northern is referred to as the "eastern gateway." This is, in fact, the largest intermodal facility in the country. Cicero receives exceptional rail service from the Burlington, Illinois Central Gulf, Chicago & Pacific, and Manufacturer's Junction Railroads.

Cicero was one of the first areas of the country to experience the phenomena of air traffic. Cicero had its own airport until the 1930s and it is said that famous aviators such as the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindberg regularly flew into Town. Today, however, air travel is conducted out of Midway Airport, which is located just ten minutes to the south, and the world's busiest airport, O'Hare International, which is a 25-minute drive to the northwest. Regardless of whether one travels or ships freight by air, road, or rail, Cicero has an outstanding system in place.

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The children of Cicero are its future, and the people its foundation for a quality lifestyle. Cicero offers excellent educational institutions that provide outstanding programs for all ages from day care through college level as well as services for those with special needs.

Primary education is operated under District 99, established in Cicero over 100 years ago in a simple one-room building. The present Administrative Offices for District 99 are housed at that original location at 5110 W. 24th Street; today District 99 includes 15 schools and educates over 11,000 students.

From Kindergarten through eighth grade, 15 elementary schools provide Cicero students with exceptional rudimentary preparation for the more advanced disciplines encountered in high school.

Students with limited English proficiency skills are served by a bilingual program. The program provides native language instruction in all subject areas, with English as a second language so that students maintain academic progress while becoming proficient in English.

In addition to the public elementary school system, there are six fine parochial schools affiliated with local churches for those who desire private education for their children.

Morton High School has a time-honored tradition of academic and social excellence. The school was founded in 1894 and is the home of the Chodl Auditorium, a registered national landmark. The school is dedicated to the development of educational partnerships with local business and industry. The career-oriented curriculum is designed to provide both technical training and college preparation for students.

Cicero holds the distinction of being home to the second oldest community college in Illinois. Morton College, founded in 1924, pioneered the idea of serving the needs of the community through affordable, diverse, high-quality education. The college is noted for quality, personalized education and small classes and enrolls about 5,000 full-and part-time students who attend both day and evening classes. It serves the residents of Berwyn, Cicero, Forest View, Lyons, McCook and Stickney.

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