graphicCicero offers excellent educational institutions that provide relevant, challenging and comprehensive curriculum to children and adults as well as services for those with special needs.

A developmental preschool program offered by the Children’s Center of Cicero-Berwyn teaches youngsters rudimentary problem-solving skills, language skills and nutrition. Children are able to choose their own supervised activities in addition to those that are required. The curriculum includes educational creative activities and physical development. Other options include Project Head Start, after-kindergarten and after-school care and the Parent & Child Together (P.A.C.T.) program.

All of the 15 elementary schools are within District 99. The district believes in hiring the best teachers to provide excellent education. Each student is assessed and personal academic schedules are planned based on the child’s abilities and strengths. Special programs are designed to create the highest levels for the entire student population, including bilingual instruction, special education and Academic Creative Extension (A.C.E.) programs.

Other programs include the Transitional Bilingual Program, which provides native-language instruction in all subject areas, as well as the Language Transition Program, which is designed to serve students with limited English proficiency.

graphicThe Department of Special Education offers comprehensive programs meeting the unique needs of students requiring special attention. A full continuum of services is offered, including self-contained instructional sessions and residential programs.

In addition to the public elementary schools, there are seven parochial schools which are affiliated with local churches.

Morton High School is known for its academic and social excellence. The school was founded in 1894 and is the home of the historic Chodl Auditorium. The school is dedicated to the development of educational partnerships with local business and industry and the career-oriented curriculum is designed to provide both technical training and college preparation.

More than 260 courses are offered including advanced placement and honors classes. The foreign language department reflects the ethnic diversity in the area by offering courses in Spanish, German, Italian and French.

graphicThe school is committed to the promotion of fine arts. Courses in theater arts, chorus, orchestra, and band are offered to all students. The business education, home economics, and industrial arts departments of Morton East High School are equally diversified and focus on the social issues facing today’s students. Strong fundamentals are taught including courses in business management, marketing, computers, and architectural design.

Morton East High School also offers many extracurricular activities and numerous athletic programs. Its facilities include athletic fields, a state-of-the-art fieldhouse, two large gymnasiums, swimming pool, handball courts, weight and wrestling rooms. The Chicago Bears used this fieldhouse from 1980 to 1984.

Morton has a full-time alumni group that maintains regular contact with its graduates. Fred Huebner, the voice on WSCR-AM, the Score, was reared in Cicero and is a graduate of Morton East High School. Joe Montagna, an actor who starred in many movies including House of Games and Godfather III, also grew up in Cicero.

Cicero is home to the second oldest community college in Illinois. In 1924 Morton College pioneered the idea of serving the needs of the community through affordable, diverse, high-quality education.

Morton College is a comprehensive community college providing a dynamic learning environment for students and the community. Its programs and services emphasize preparation for additional post-secondary study, job entry and career advancement, developmental education and lifelong learning.

Morton College offers a university transfer program for students choosing to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The Career Program is for students intending to start a technical or business career. It offers 15 two-year programs that lead to an Associate Degree in Applied Science and 17 one-year certificate programs.

The philosophy behind education in Cicero is that quality education will be provided to everyone. Most of the students, no matter what age, are eager to learn and come from caring and supportive families.


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