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graphicFor the past six years, the Town of Cicero has made tremendous progress due to our efforts to completely reform our municipal policies, procedures and daily operations. No substantial progress is ever made quickly in government without controversy and criticism, but we set our goals for reform and today count as our major successes the economic rebirth of the town, the beautification of our parks and thoroughfares, the award winning Cicero Youth Commission programs, the complete restructuring of the police department, and a meaningful reduction in the overall crime rate.

Our progress as a community is due to the commitment of our residents and business owners to help make Cicero a safe and prosperous town. Our residents and business owners want to participate in a community where the government officials work for the citizens and not for themselves. Our residents and businesses have renewed confidence in the ability of our town government to maintain the level of service they deserve and to solve the problems that arise on a daily basis. As a result of the trust and confidence our citizens have for town officials and employees, the town government works harder to serve our citizens more efficiently and economically.

graphicWe are proud of our efforts to make Cicero a safer community by instituting both new crime prevention programs and new law enforcement strategies. We have eliminated all post 2 AM liquor licenses and enacted very restrictive adult entertainment ordinances to rid the town of unruly, dangerous and morally challenged late night visitors. We have worked to lower the financial burden on property owners by lowering fees and taxes. We have elected Hispanic officials and increased bilingual workers to more accurately reflect the diverse ethnic makeup of our community. Town ordinances have been reviewed and revised to ensure the uniform enforcement of the law in the interest of fairness. In short, we are constantly working to improve our town government to make the quality of life in Cicero the best in the greater Chicagoland area.

The door to the Town President’s office is always open to residents with problems and both new and existing businesses who need special help in accomplishing their goals. We can only promise to do our best and act within our power to give you the information and service you need. We welcome you to the Town of Cicero, where we are truly looking out for our neighbors.

Betty Loren-Maltese
Town President


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