graphicFrom older homes in stately neighborhoods to upscale condos, there is a wide variety of affordable housing in Danville and the surrounding area to suit everyone's taste and budget. A close-knit community, Danville residents appreciate its friendly atmosphere, where neighbors are ready to help one another and build a better future for this area. The development of many new subdivisions in all areas of Danville reflects its growth in business and industry. Many of Danville's older neighborhoods are on treelined streets that reflect the beauty of the changing seasons, and feature spectacular displays of Christmas lights and decorations during the holiday season. There are many highly desirable housing locations on large, spacious lots that are close to schools, shopping, employment, and recreation. Many financial institutions offer special loan programs at affordable rates for home buyers and those wanting to refinance or remodel.

Danville has managed to retain the peace and serenity of the countryside while expanding business and industry. On the west side of town, there are several elegant subdivisions, such as Chateau Estates, Denvale West, and the Bayview Estates subdivision overlooking Lake Vermilion. Lake Shores is located on the northeastern edge of Lake Vermilion. Other developments, such as the Stonegate Subdivision and Northbrook Condominiums, are surrounded by the rolling hillsides in the northeast.

There are several apartment buildings in Danville that appeal to singles, families and seniors, providing comfort, security and privacy without the worry and inconvenience of maintenance. Some offer beautiful views of the lake or golf courses, swimming, and recreational facilities, while others are conveniently located near the downtown area.


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