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East Moline Area History

The progression of East Moline from a tribal region to the thriving hub of business and industry that it is today was a natural one. From the beginning the Sac Indians were attracted to the area's ideal location: East Moline lies along the Mississippi River, which provided these early settlers with fertile soil and plenty of food. The area's industry really began to grow with the establishment of the East Moline Land Company in 1896. In 1900, the East Moline Land Company announced a plan to construct a sewer and drainage system that emptied into the Mississippi River, as well as a plan to sell 1,800 lots of land, serving as a catalyst for East Moline's growth.

East Moline

On December 23, 1903, East Moline was incorporated into a village, and in 1904, the State Bank of East Moline was established. Union Telephone and Telegraph was extended to East Moline in 1905, and a waterworks plant was planned. By this time, East Moline had seven manufacturing plants: New Shops, Union Malleable Iron Company, Moline Scale, Fuller Manufacturing Company, Root and VanDervoort Engineering Company, Moline Automobile and Deere-Clark Motor Company.

In July 1907, the Village of East Moline was incorporated as the City of East Moline. In 1910, East Moline had a population of 2,665, which quickly boomed in the few years following due to the establishment of John Deere Harvester in 1912, among other profitable business opportunities. The people of East Moline began to recognize the area's exceptional advantages, from river and rail transportation to abundant natural resources to plentiful development opportunities. The city boasted a large and skilled labor force and was on a direct line between Chicago and the West.

In 1926, East Moline was established as an industrial center with 12 industrial plants, 70 miles of gas mains, 8.6 miles of car tracks, 1300 telephones, 2376 acres, 14 miles of paved streets, 11 churches and 200 stores. Today, the City of East Moline is home to about 20,330 people that enjoy a strong and stable local economy and diverse industry. East Moline continues to develop as an industrial leader, and is looking forward to a future as bright and promising as its past.

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