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East Moline Education

Quality education is a priority in East Moline.

Knowledgeable, caring facilities, active school boards, and involved parents work together to provide an academic environment conducive to learning.

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A well-rounded curriculum emphasizes traditional as well as contemporary learning skills to prepare students for the future.

Approximately 4,380 students attend East Moline District 37 public schools, consisting of four elementary schools and one middle school. High school students attend United Township High School of District 30. Classrooms boast low student to teacher ratios, and the average ACT score is 21.6, higher than the state average. East Moline schools offer an exciting array of extracurricular activities and specialized programs in order to keep students active and foster a lifetime love of learning.

In addition to public schools, several private and parochial schools are located throughout the area. A number of preschools and several day care centers are also available to residents.

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