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East Moline Government


The City of East Moline is a non-home rule munici-pality operating under a Council-Mayor form of government.

In May 1985, city residents voted to reduce the size of the City Council from fourteen to seven members. Aldermen are elected from seven wards for staggered four-year terms, while the Mayor, City Clerk and Treasurer are elected at large and also serve four-year terms. The City Council appoints numerous city officials, including a City Attorney; City Administrator; Directors of Engineering, Maintenance, and Development; a Police Chief and a Fire Chief. Under this leadership, the City implements a variety of programs and services to benefit the community while maintaining a sound fiscal policy, ensuring a friendly and supportive environment for residents and businesses alike.

East Moline operates its own water and sewer utilities.


The water supply is drawn from the Mississippi River, with a plant designed for a capacity of 10 million gallons per day and average consumption is considerably less. In addition, the City furnishes residents with excellent public safety and award-winning snow removal services.

East Moline is served by a professional police department that is composed of 34 full-time sworn officers operating out of one central police station and two substations. The department is committed to community-oriented policing and sponsors and supports a variety of community outreach programs. Ambulance service is provided by Illini Hospital in nearby Silvis. The East Moline Fire Department consists of three fire stations and 31 full-time firefighters, dedicated to serving the community's fire protection and emergency medical service needs.

Elected City Officials

Jose Moreno
Four Year Term: 5/05
Phone: 752-1599
Fax: 752-1572
E-mail: Jmoreno@

Arletta Holmes
City Clerk
Four Year Term: 5/05
Phone: 752-1581
Fax: 752-1572
E-mail: aholmes@

William “Bill” Vyncke
City Treasurer
Four Year Term: 5/05
Phone: 752-7959
Fax: 752-1572
E-mail: beau1113


Helen Heiland
1st Ward, Term – 5/05
2321 Kennedy Drive
Phone: 755-0578

Luis Puentes
2nd Ward, Term – 5/07
531 – 41st Avenue
Phone: 269-8650

Luis Moreno
3rd Ward, Term – 5/05
386 – 33rd Avenue Court
Phone: 752-9041

Crotis Teague
7th Ward, Term – 5/05
1328 – 5th Avenue
Phone: 755-0599

Rick Meredith
5th Ward, Term – 5/05
1127 – 48th Avenue
Phone: 236-7646

Gary Kelley
6th Ward, Term – 5/07
1424 – 17th Street
Phone: 755-9530

Carol Doose
4th Ward, Term – 5/07
834 – 17th Avenue
Phone: 752-0025
E-mail: manorhousedesigns

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