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Elk Grove Village Unique Local Business


Elk Grove has a strong business community and the village is home to many unique shops and storefronts.

Some of these are more recent arrivals while others have been around for a very long time.

Here is a little taste of two stores in the area that have an interesting history:

Jarosch Bakery—A Longtime Favorite

In October of 1959, George Jarosch and his son Herbert got together with their wives and opened the Jarosch Bakery. George already had plenty of experience in the business, having worked at his father's bakery in Giessmannsdorf, Germany before moving to the States in 1919.


Over time, the bakery grew and expanded, and in 1989, Herb Jarosch's son Ken and his wife Kathy joined in the family business—and they are still running the shop to this day. With over 50 employees, this store has truly become a part of the village's history. The bakery is at the corner of Arlington Heights Road and Higgins, and Ken Jarosch says, “We are in a great location—it's on the way to work for a lot of people.”

Being a long-standing business in the village, the bakery is well-known. “We are fortunate to enjoy a good reputation throughout the area,” says Ken Jarosch, going on to point out, “customers who have moved away still come back to get birthday cakes.” For many people, the bakery holds memories, and still delivers the same delicious recipes they remember from growing up.

Bakery options include expected items such as cakes, pastries, strudels, pies, cookies and éclairs, but there are certain things that the shop is well-known for in the village. The store was featured on Channel 2 as one of three Chicago-area bakeries with the best cakes, and a deluge of orders come pouring in at Christmas for their popular hand-dipped butter cookies. Homemade Bavarian Creme and fudge icing/filling are also trademark items, as well as the sweet rolls, donuts and rye bread.

A.M. Clocks—Specialty Services

A.M. Clocks is a fairly new arrival to the Elk Grove business community, having just relocated their shop in the village in 2007. The name gives the business away, but doesn't begin to communicate the depth of what this company does—or carries.


August Milz is the president of the company, and is a third-generation Master Clock Maker who hails from the Black Forest of Germany. Milz grew up learning the trade and specialized in making cuckoo clocks. He came to the United States in 1957 and began to work here.

Two other Master Clock Makers work at the shop as well, and as Lynda Milz points out, this is more than just a name; it is really a title of distinction. “It takes about eight years of extensive schooling, an apprenticeship and a test to become a Master,” she says. She also points out that there aren't many clock repair shops left anymore; and that this has now become more of a specialty service.

A.M. Clocks deals in a variety of clocks, including Howard Miller—the largest grandfather clock company in the world. More recently, they have also begun dealing in Seiko clocks as well. The company offers a wide range of styles, including mantel clocks, wall clocks and alarm clocks, in addition to the more unusual ones; such as miniature clocks for children and, of course, cuckoo clocks. The online store has the largest display of Black Forest clocks in the U.S., among many other choices.

In addition to selling clocks, the company specializes in their repair, and they are the official repair center for a host of companies, including names such as Seth Thomas and Engstler. “The biggest part of our business is repair,” says Lynda Milz.

Looking a little deeper into the history of individual area businesses can be an interesting venture that reflects the makeup of the village itself. One thing is for sure—each Elk Grove store has a very unique story to tell.

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