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Training Carpenters in Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove is known for a unique type of school being located within its bounds—a carpenter training center. The village is home to two of the five centers that provide training for the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters. Three additional facilities exist, and they are located in Chicago, Joliet and Elgin—serving to accommodate students who live closer to those areas.


These five locations service the central region in Illinois, including Cook, DuPage, Grundy, Iroquois, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will counties. Over 40,000 pre-apprentice, apprentice and journeyman union carpenters have received their training at these centers, which offer just about every imaginable class possible for those hoping to learn this trade and find employment as a union carpenter. “We offer the complete package for those who are interested in the specialty trades,”says Assistant Director Vince Sticca.

One of the two Elk Grove buildings is located at 1099 Estes Avenue and is a brand new addition to the program as of January 1°©°©. The building boasts 80,000 square feet of additional space for the program. The other Elk Grove location is just down the street at 1256 Estes. This space is 145,000 square feet, featuring 22 classrooms and employing 30 full-time and 20 part-time faculty members. Both places offer day, evening and weekend classes and training sessions.

There are a range of different areas that coursework is offered in—including skills such as drywall installation, shingling, siding, lathing, insulation, pile driving and installing floor covering. Those looking for the detailed training to become a millwright will find it here, as well as people looking to learn specific areas of construction, such as concrete forming.


Pre-apprentice programs run about nine weeks, and are available for those interested in general carpentry, mill cabinet (and for becoming a millwright) as well as concrete forms. Pre-apprenticeships are designed to provide basics prior to a full apprenticeship, where the person then goes on to work under skilled craftsman (journeyman) for their four-year“on the job”paid training period. The pay scale increases throughout the length of the apprenticeship and at the end, journeyman wages are then made. Apprenticeship provides approximately 6,000 hours of specified training, resulting in an invaluable amount of knowledge, confidence and preparation for their job. Those completing the program are fully equipped to step into their new roles in whatever trade specialty they have chosen.

In addition to the entry-level training programs and apprenticeships, the center also offers members the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques—or even receive certifications through the Carpenter Skill Advancement Program. Over 300 classes are held through this program every 6 months, and new ones are added all the time, such as one of the popular methods of construction being used more recently—residential metal stud framing.“We are working on green building classes as well,” says Vince Sticca.

These training classes are very beneficial to those looking to learn about newer equipment or technology, or even for those who are considering changing trades. Most of the courses are held in Elk Grove, and over 7,000 members have applied to take advantage of additional training in subjects ranging from welding to trim and cabinets to first aid. Classes range from three to 40 hours and some are even offered in languages such as Spanish or Polish.

Not too many places have the unique education opportunity Elk Grove offers through the carpenter training program. The many students and faculty whoattend classes at the two facilities each day contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the village, and the program provides area residents with yet another option for career training and continuing education coursework.

For more information about the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters training programs, visit them online at or call (847) 640-7373.

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