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Elk Grove Village Police for Future Peace

Small-town justice simply cannot suffice in the 21st century. Nowthat the world has reconsidered its level of security, even relatively small towns have had to consider the greater good of the nation, not just surrounding cities or counties. Weaknesses at any level could eventually lead to a breach with dire ramifications. Towns and villages located adjacent to major urban areas face even more susceptibility than strictly rural towns since urban crime always runs the chance of spilling over into its neighbors. For these reasons and more, Elk Grove has necessitated a strong, capable police force available to patrol the static population of under 40,000 as well as the workday population of over 100,000.

Much of the dynamic situation facing the Elk Grove Police Department results from the underlying circumstances leading to said population's fluctuation during the week. Based on residents alone, Elk Grove qualifies as a normal, nearly rural town. Boasting the largest contiguous industrial park in North America, though, Elk Grove manages to nearly triple its population, but only during weekdays. Suffice it to say that such a dramatic change in people within the village could easily put a strain on an unprepared police force and the citizens they serve to protect.

To the credit of the entire village, Elk Grove has indeedprepared for its unique policing quandaries. Some of the potential issues have clearly worked toward a resolution due to the many instances of beautification and revitalization in both the residential and industrial areas. Making roads with sufficiently wide lanes and necessary turn lanes surely cuts down on traffic woes for Elk Grove, especially in tandem with new, clearer lights and signage around the village.

Even so, serving the public means more than making cosmetic changes to the landscape. Toward that end, the Elk Grove Police Department features officers that have undergone training in some of the most prestigious institutions, including Northwestern University, the FBI academy in Virginia and Harper College. On top of their well-trained police force, Elk Grove's police department also maintains full accreditation through National Commission on the Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, a claim that only three percent of agencies in the U.S. can make. Nomatter the small static population of Elk Grove, its police have undergone rigorous evaluation to attain the elite status that the accreditation brings.

Elk Grove police have also worked to put in strong community-based programs to ensure everyone's safety. Its Crime Prevention Unit helps to curb potentially dangerous situations by fostering Neighborhood Watch Groups and other awareness campaigns. Other services like education about first aid enhance the community, and with the annual Alexian Brothers Tour of Elk Grove, bicycle safety is an obvious necessity.

Continual growth in the village has also made it apparent that the older buildings for law enforcement agencies would prove inadequate in the new millennium. The former police station has been torn down and replaced with a more efficient Administrative/Public Safety complex. Doing so effectively puts branches of the government, including the mayor and board, in even closer proximity to fire administration as well as police officers. Should the need arise, communication between them will thus have been that much more streamlined. In addition, taking into account the continual growth of industry within Elk Grove, the new building endeavors to serve the needs of the village for at least the next 40 years.As the industries evolve and improve, so too, must the village's law enforcement.

Small-town justice too often seems pejorative. Elk Grove and its elite law enforcement agency illustrate how small towns can prepare for eventualities that larger brethren may not be equipped to handle. Recognizing the rapid changes occurring within Elk Grove, residents can take comfort in knowing that it continues to prime itself for the future, whatever good or bad it may bring. Considering how much the village has invested in keeping itself safe, it seems set for continued expansion soon to come.

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