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Since its incorporation in 1863, Evanston has transformed into a dynamic city, providing its valued residents and businesses a genial, ever-developing environment in the greater Chicagoland area. Evanston’s ideal suburban location, just north of the city of Chicago, is home to considerable leisure opportunities, top-rate healthcare from Evanston Northwestern Healthcare’s Evanston Hospital and St. Francis Hospital, and excellent educational offerings through an eminent public school system and the highly esteemed Northwestern University.

In fact, Northwestern University was established prior to the city’s founding. A significant landmark in Evanston, Northwestern University opened its doors in 1855 to just 10 students. One year before the acclaimed university’s inception, the founders of Northwestern — including John Evans — proposed plans for a new city to be designated as Evanston. In 1857, Evanston was named, followed by incorporation six years later.

After the Civil War, between 1860 and 1870, Evanston’s population quadrupled and its economic sector flourished. The city became renowned for its unique architecture and alluring homes along Lake Michigan, and between 1920 and 1930, its populace climbed an additional 70 percent.


Today, the city’s population has swelled to well over 75,000, a number that continues to be on the rise. Even with the bustling city of Chicago bordering the city to the south, Evanston has maintained an individual character, featuring its own an array of cultural avenues, important amenities and a prospering business district.

The City of Evanston continues to take on new initiatives, aimed at creating a community enhanced by a high quality of life. Everything from improved transportation projects and the City’s major West Side Plan to modern, environmentally-friendly construction and the new acclaimed public art program is happening here.

Businesses and residents continue to be attracted to this thriving northern suburb, creating a truly diversified populace and economy. Welcome to Evanston — a city perfect for both established and growing families, new business endeavors and relaxing vacations.

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