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Flossmoor’s rich roots run deep through American history. The Village came to fruition during the 1800s and now, nearly two centuries later, continues to blossom, feeding off the insight and hard work planted into the area’s fertile soil by the determined hands of early settlers. The Village of Flossmoor has swelled in incredible ways since its birth and is looking forward to a future that seems equally as phenomenal.

Early Native Americans initially utilized the land that now includes the Village of Flossmoor as a winter hunting site. German immigrants seeking lush, ample land ideal for farming eventually settled the area in the 1840s, creating Flossmoor’s first generation of families. Some of the earliest homes were built on a 16-acre parcel of land north of Flossmoor Road and west of Western Avenue, as the Illinois Central Railroad extended its service to Flossmoor to encourage settlement.

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Flossmoor received its initial recognition as an affluent community in the 1920s, when it earned its distinction as a cultural and recreational center of elite country clubs and regal golf courses. Temporary residence was instituted among the many vacationers to the area, who enjoyed living in lavish summer estates around the area’s country clubs. Flossmoor’s golf season drew in a great number of wealthy Chicago businessmen as well.

The Village was incorporated in 1924, with a mere 270 people living permanently in Flossmoor. With the post-World War II housing boom, a migration of Chicago residents to the Village was initiated, doubling the area’s population and acting as a catalyst for Flossmoor’s continual growth. Today, Flossmoor boasts a population of approximately 9,300 people and is still growing.

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