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Flossmoor’s strategic central location and convenient access to major expressways, airports and the Chicago Loop have all contributed to its retail and commercial success, making it an ideal place to do business. Over the last decade, expansion and development of the business sector has been great in Flossmoor, primarily through the establishment of new office spaces, renovations to current facilities and the addition of an assortment of dining establishments and retail shops.

City planners have been actively monitoring the steady growth of the Village in order to maintain its peacefulness and charm. In fact, the October 2005 issue of Chicago magazine ranked Flossmoor as the fourth healthiest town in the Chicagoland area, due to its discretion in industry and having no sources of air pollution, water violations or toxins released.

Flossmoor offers unbeatable opportunities for growth and development, offering everything from small-scale properties perfect for retailers and independent offices to sizable sites that can be utilized by major corporations and for potential office park complexes.

To support current and future business in Flossmoor, the Village designated a 90-acre site located in the southwest quadrant of the community as a Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) back in 1991. The district can be found just two miles east of the Vollmer Road interchange of I-57 at the intersection of Crawford/Pulaski and Vollmer Road, near several commercial developments and emerging residential neighborhoods.

Since its installation, the TIF District has provided, and continues to provide, the resources to offer a wide range of flexible financial incentives and packages to facilitate new individual development projects, including write-down of land costs, construction of public utilities, property acquisition, vacation of public rights of way, capitalization of interest during construction and lease of municipally owned property. The Village also has the ability to customize incentive offerings based on a project’s specific characteristics in order to avoid constricting a potential developer’s creative thinking.

Utilities are already in place along the perimeter of the TIF District, and land costs within the District remain competitive.

The Village visualizes a development strategy for the area that successfully integrates low-density office space with high-quality retail that will contribute to both the local and regional market. The TIF District can accommodate a mixture of potential uses from freestanding retail and offices to larger single-use facilities and planned unit developments.

The Village has embarked upon a number of capital projects over the last several years to make certain that the infrastructure is prepared to respond quickly and effectively to development opportunities and increased demand. In addition to Flossmoor’s progressive undertakings, Cook County has completed a massive improvement project for Vollmer Road in response to increased traffic flow. The major thoroughfare is now a four-lane roadway that extends from Kedzie Avenue west to the I-57 interchange.

The Governors Highway Triangle is a 764-acre area providing unique opportunities for small and medium-sized retail and office developments. The site is bordered by Governors Highway on the west, Kedzie Avenue on the east and Vollmer Road on the south.

Sites on the western frontages of Governors Highway and Kedzie Avenue, ranging in size from one to 10 acres, offer a well-suited blend of office and multi-family residential development. This specific area was selected by Sunrise Assisted Living as the perfect location for its $6.5 million assisted living facility, the Center for Dental Excellence’s state-of-the-art dental health center and the Korean Methodist Church’s 5,000-square-foot sanctuary and community center.

Flossmoor’s historic downtown was tactfully developed around the METRA train station. Anchored by a number of distinguishing structures, including the Civic Center and the restored 1920s train station, this lucrative downtown center mixes a wide variety of retail shops, dining establishments and personal service firms with professional offices. Flossmoor’s thriving downtown area has effectively advanced in order to answer to the consumer’s ever- evolving preferences and growing demands. As a result, it continues to offer opportunities for a wide variety of enterprising businesses.

As industry, commerce and residential real estate markets continue to progress, the Village of Flossmoor concentrates on maintaining a high-quality environment for its businesses. Well-advised planning and development of its infrastructure, healthy fiscal policies and management of Village assets guarantee that Flossmoor remains on a successful course of growth, while simultaneously retaining the standard of life that makes this community appealing to residents and businesses alike.

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