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The progressive governing body of Flossmoor is comprised of a Mayor and six Trustees, each of whom are elected at-large to serve four-year terms. This body takes responsibility in determining Village policies, approving ordinances and appointing a Village Manager—a position characterized by overseeing the day-to-day business operations of the Village—and Village Attorney.


The Village is devoted to sustaining open lines of communication and deliberation, as well as maintaining a fiscally conservative tradition and high standard of accountability. This dedication is exemplified by the 30 consecutive awards it has received from the Government Finance Officers Association for outstanding financial reporting and procedures and the early implementation of GASB 34.

The Flossmoor Building Department falls under the jurisdiction of the Village’s Fire Department as the Division of Inspectional Services. This specific department is repsonsible for enforcing various codes and works hand-in-hand with Public Works and Planning & Zoning to assure that new construction measures are up to engineering and zoning stipulations.

Flossmoor’s Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of most of the Village’s public facilities, including water distribution, storm and waste water systems and street maintenance. Tree planting, sidewalk replacement, grounds restoration, storm damage clean-up and other beautification programs guarantee the maintenance of Flossmoor’s aesthetic beauty.

The Village of Flossmoor participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), an initiative that provides federally subsidized flood insurance to Flossmoor residents who wish to or are required to carry this type of coverage. The cost of the protection depends on the amount of coverage and the degree of flood hazard. Village efforts to improve storm water management

have resulted in a 10 percent premium reduction for policies purchased by Flossmoor residents.

The Finance Department handles all Village finance functions, including managing the Village’s general ledger, maintaining the budget, administering payroll, collecting and distributing water bills and producing numerous state and federal fiscal reports. Additionally, the department organizes and coordinates the Village’s insurance policies and claims, and it manages the Village’s human resource function.

In an effort to provide the most innovative and efficient payment options to residents, the Finance Department, as of 2004, began accepting credit card payments for over-the-counter transactions. Just two years later the program was enhanced when the Village partnered with the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office to offer an electronic payment program (E-Pay) allowing residents to expend water and sewer bills online.

At the center of the Finance Department’s contributions to the overall success of the Village is its financial management, operations and reporting. The Village recently received its 30th consecutive GFOA Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) award. This esteemed accolade places the Village in elite company, considering the award has been received by only 4.92 percent of all municipal units nationwide. Furthermore, Flossmoor is part of only 0.88 percent of municipalities in the U.S. with populations of less than 10,000 that have received the CAFR award.

The Planning and Zoning Department manages the growth, development and maturation of the Village’s built environment, and it enforces the Village’s land use and appearance codes, which include the Zoning Ordinance and the Appearance Code. The responsibilities of this department include developing long-term land use plans, evaluating development proposals and performing building permit reviews, among other tasks.

Public safety is also an important aspect of community life in Flossmoor. Facilitating that security is the Flossmoor Police Department and the Flossmoor Fire Department.

Encompassing a highly-trained staff of 18 full-time police officers, nine auxiliary police officers and two ordinance enforcement officers, the Flossmoor Police Department is well-equipped to handle the public safety concerns for the Village.

Through the efforts of the police department, Flossmoor has experienced one of the lowest crime rates in the region; also one that is continually below the national average. Public safety programs geared toward community awareness and crime prevention, such as neighborhood watch, D.A.R.E., high school police liaison, business security surveys and Electronic Community Oriented Policing (E-COP)—the community’s newest policing program—make sure Flossmoor’s reputation for safety and security extends well into the future.

The Flossmoor Fire Department consists of nine full-time staff, 26 volunteers and 12 part-time firefighters and paramedics who provide fire suppression, prevention and emergency medical services. The Department operates out of one station located at the west end of Flossmoor’s Village Hall on Flossmoor Road, and it works in conjunction with four neighboring fire departments in a reciprocal automatic aid program. The Flossmoor Fire Department is committed to public education and conducts free home safety inspections for all residents who request them and does regular inspections of commercial buildings.

The Flossmoor Fire Department provides emergency ambulance services and emergency medical assistance to residents. The Department’s personnel are trained and certified as emergency medical technicians or paramedics and require biannual recertification.

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