The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization of business professionals devoted to enhancing the strength of the business community and maintaining an excellent quality of life.

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce works to help Geneseo achieve its fullest potential by providing continuous and effective leadership. Its strength lies in the active involvement of its membership. Both large and small businesses, from virtually every profession, are represented and influence the direction of the organization. The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce is committee driven. The members are the organization.

The more members in the Chamber, the better it can represent the business community. It accomplishes collectively what no one business could do alone.

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce has more than 170 members. The Chamber has a staff to provide guidance and continuity to the overall programs.

Working For You

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce works for you. We exist to help our businesses succeed and grow by being:

A Business Partner…staffed with professional business people who work diligently for you on committees and task forces. People who know your business.

A Watchful Eye…keeping a watch on decisions affecting you and your business, and watching to maintain the high quality of the Geneseo area.

Another Voice…representing your views on issues at the local and national governmental level.

A Marketing Tool…promoting your business through business networking and membership publications and programs.

The Front Door…of our community where visitors, newcomers and prospective developers receive their first impression of our area.

An Information Resource…developing information, answering inquiries and preparing factual data and statistics that tell the story of Geneseo.

Office Location and Hours

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce is located at 100 West Main Street in historic Geneseo, Illinois, 61254.
You may reach us by phone 309-944-2686; fax, 309-944-2647;
visit our website on the internet at; or email us at
Office hours are 9 am to 12 Noon, and 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
Y ou are always welcome to visit the office.

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