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What to do After an Auto Accident

Despite the fact that there are over six million traffic accidents per year, no one expects to be in one. The minutes and hours after an accident are a dizzying time, even for those lucky enough not to be injured. Proper procedure is not the first thing that comes to mind after a traumatic (and for most, unfamiliar) experience. That’s why Lin-Mar Motors, a Chicagoland towing and repair company that has been in business for nearly 50 years, offers some important steps to follow after an accident that will save time, energy and hassle.

• Immediately following an accident, the first step is to check for injuries, then call the police. Be sure to note the intersection closest to the accident so that the 911 operator knows which police department to send and where to send any necessary medical services.

• Always exchange insurance information with the other party or parties, even if there doesn’t appear to be any damage. Today’s cars are built with flexible parts that can spring back into place, hiding the original damage of the impact. That way, should the car be found damaged later, the other driver’s information is available.

• If you have a preferred towing company and/or body shop, keep their phone numbers in the glove compartment for easy access. This will allow you to have a reliable tower get your vehicle off the road quickly. If you don’t have a preferred tower, do some research and try to find one. Friends, family, and car dealers are good resources for finding a reliable service. Make sure that the towing company is certified with the Illinois State Police, the municipality you are in or the Tollway Authority. Lin-Mar Motors, for example, is certified by all three, which ensures the customers that there will be no scams or price-gouging.

• If your car has to be towed, it is guaranteed to need repairs. The most convenient solution is to make sure the towing company you use offers 24/7 certified repair service as well. Companies like Lin-Mar Motors, in addition to offering the above, also have a car rental station on-site, so you won’t be trapped for hours waiting for a ride.

Auto accidents are unpleasant experiences for everyone involved, but they can be even more unpleasant for those who are unprepared. The more prepared drivers are for the eventuality that they might be in one, the faster they will be able to put their lives back to normal.

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