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Providing Homes with Outdoor Brilliance

Thinking about creating an outdoor retreat for recreation, study or entertaining right in the backyard? Be it the need to develop a new landscape or to breathe new life into an existing landscape, Hurst Landscape Company is a good place to start.

Hurst Landscape Company, owned and managed by Dale Hurst, is located in Glenview, and serves a host of communities in and around the Chicagoland area. The firm boasts of its extensive innovative and technical skills offered to clients, ranging from site analysis to comprehensive working drawings outlining grading, irrigation systems, complete layouts and elements of hardscape features, components in the construction of the landscape, and planting options. Hurst Landscape will organize and coordinate the entire design and complete landscape installation, as well as provide maintenance for most complex landscapes throughout the year.

hurt landscaping

Deciding on the use of the new outdoor area is the first step in the development process. Once this step has been achieved, customers should then collaborate with a landscape professional in order to convert thoughts into action. The professionals at Hurst Landscape are equipped with an abundance of developmental knowledge and creative ideas, designed to fit the unique needs of each customer.

From extensive private areas to beautiful plant gardens, Hurst Landscape Company does it all. By completing a stunning addition, not only will the home present a new, appealing look, but the future selling price will surely increase. For more information regarding the considerable amount of services provided by Hurst Landscape Company, please call (847) 729-9000.

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