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Little in life is more important than health. Without health, life cannot be as enjoyable and productive. Fortunately the northern suburbs have Evanston Northwestern Healthcare (ENH) at their disposal: Evanston Hospital in Evanston, Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview and Highland Park Hospital in Highland Park, and a wealth of other facilities including home services and a medical group comprised of over 460 primary and specialty care physicians.

Evanston Hospital excels in both cardiac care at the Cardiovascular Care Center and cancer care at the Kellogg Cancer Care Center. High-risk pregnancies are in good hands at the Women’s Hospital and the Level I Trauma center ensures excellent treatment in emergency situations.

The Highland Park location also benefits from having its own Kellogg Cancer Care Center as well as serving as the regional POD hospital for disaster response. The Doreen E. Chapman Center for substance abuse and a multitude of mental health programs are available.

Equipped with facilities at the cutting edge of technology, Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview features a new sleep center, a renowned gastroenterology program, Level II Trauma center with Fast Track service, Eye and Vision Center, a Parkinson’s Disease clinic and more. Glenview is especially privileged to have the Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Suite right on site at the Glenview Park District Center with select programs available.

ENH has an excellent mental health program that is available at all three hospital locations as well as other private locations. This department strives to provide the best in mental healthcare to all patients. “It is one of those things that affects everyone. That is why it’s so important that people know resources are available,” said Deborah Taber, Administrative Director for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.


The disorders the ENH program treats ranges from alcohol abuse, dyslexia, schizophrenia, bulimia, ADHD, and many more. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety – these are some of the most frequent problems. Anxiety is “the single most commonly diagnosed” disorder; one out of four people suffer from anxiety according to Dr. John Jochem, Psychologist at Highland Park. Treatment methods include medication and a variety of therapies.

One form of therapy used at ENH is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which was incorporated into the mental health program about two and a half years ago. Based on the philosophy that a person’s problems stem from unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, this type of treatment works to teach people how to modify their thoughts to better manage their mood. Cognitive distortions can cause a person to spiral into a state of distress thinking the worst; as a result he or she may make decisions based on unrealistic thoughts, which may further worsen their distress. A person must learn to choose to look at a situation from a different perspective and not let one adverse event dictate future decisions.

With CBT, treatment plans can be personalized to address a particular distortion. Not limited to problems with depression, anxiety and fear, this therapy can be used to treat many types of behavioral disorders. According to Taber, the evidence for success with CBT is linked primarily with depression, but has also been found beneficial in cases of schizophrenia and chemical dependency.

While traditional therapy can take many years to delve deeply into a patient’s past and personality, CBT can begin to show results after just a short time. Because CBT emphasizes “homework,” the response to therapy can sometimes be accelerated. The inclusion of reading materials, performing exercises and other activities outside of the therapist’s office can improve a patient’s outlook and self-image. By performing these tasks a patient can progress independently, while not limited to just a few hours a week with their therapist. This practice integrates therapy into their everyday life. CBT teaches by “giving patients tools,” noted Taber. At ENH a patient is introduced to CBT and if favorable results ensue, an individualized program is created for them.

What is “great about our program is the variety of services available,” asserted Taber. Encompassing treatment and educational opportunities for everyone from children to teens to adults, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare presents endless benefits for the people of Glenview and the surrounding communities, providing great advantage to innovative, outstanding healthcare.

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