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The Greater O’Hare area is comprised of more than two dozen vibrant municipalities surrounding O’Hare International Airport.

Years of careful planning have created a solid transportation system, plentiful recreational activities, retail centers that draw tourists from the entire Midwest, and a variety of housing choices — from apartments and condominiums to luxury homes.

The area has some of the most business-oriented local government officials and state legislators in Illinois. Because of this, an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit pervades the entire region, with government working with the private sector to ensure that the economy continues to expand and diversify.

Clustered around O’Hare International Airport, the region continues to experience significant growth in jobs, personal income, business development, tax base and the availability of commercial space. The area is the major force driving the economy of the Northeastern Illinois region. A dynamic mix of business and industry, a commitment to defining the cutting edge of technology and an educated, diverse workforce make this region ideal for commerce.

Cultural opportunities are also part of the area’s offerings. Live theater, world-class shopping, professional sports, a variety of fine restaurants, museums and art galleries are plentiful within the Greater O’Hare region.

Public and private elementary schools and high schools are ranked among the top in the state. Four public two-year community colleges, a four-year college and branches of three universities serve the area. In addition, nearly a dozen additional colleges and universities are within commuting distance.

The Greater O’Hare area offers a wealth of opportunities for business growth and good living. It has the right mix of economic diversity and solid planning to ensure those opportunities will continue well into the 21st century.


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