Municipal governments in the Illinois Valley work closely together on projects and services for their mutual benefits.

Well equipped and highly trained, full-time and volunteer personnel provide reliable fire protection. When needed, area fire departments provide assistance with no charge to neighboring communities. Well-staffed police departments keep the crime rate low. District 17 of the State Police is headquartered in a modern facility at the northern edge of LaSalle.

Members of Civic Defense Units are trained in first aid and may have additional police and medical training. These units function during tornado warnings, and other times of emergency, in accordance with Illinois Valley mutual aid working agreements.

Wisely managed tax monies are returned to the communities in the form of good schools, downtown renovation projects, and community facilities and services. Industrial and retail expansion has kept tax rates in the Illinois Valley area relatively low.

Master plans establishing land use are continually updated for rejuvenation and expansion opportunities. Active Illinois Valley planning commissions assure orderly growth and conduct public hearings to assure that all interests are represented.

Municipal governments offer area residents and businesses quality services. The cities maintain and upgrade sewers and modern disposal and waste water treatment plants. Utilities are continually improved and expanded to meet growing community needs. City owned and operated water departments pump millions of gallons daily and have storage facilities to accommodate a reserve capacity. Ameritech and General Telephone serve area customers and Illinois Power supplies natural gas. Depending upon the community, electricity is supplied either by Illinois Power Co., or a municipally owned power generating station. All utilities readily and economically meet residential, industrial, and commercial requirements.

Burlington Trailways, the bus line serving the Illinois Valley, makes two daily runs to Chicago and Davenport, connecting with Greyhound for destinations beyond these cities.

A good balance exists in this pleasant Valley between business, industry, social, and city services, and the residential population. Careful planning has guaranteed the quality of neighborhoods and their proximity to open spaces, school, shopping, and medical centers, and places of work.

Established more than 85 years ago, along with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development is a working forum which unites the efforts of individuals, manufacturers, professionals, and the agricultural and business communities. Through the Chamber, all work together to stimulate continued economic and social development throughout the Illinois Valley.