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Our History

The open natural landscape of the Lake Zurich area began attracting settlers around the 1830s. The wide expanses of plains coupled with abundant water sources created a fertile area that was perfect for farming and developing. As transportation became more plentiful, more and more pioneers found opportunities to live and work in what would later become Lake Zurich. One of the area’s earliest settlers was George Ela, after whom Ela Township is named.

The area was settled with a large population of New England farmers and German immigrants. Throughout the beginning of the 20th century, new rail lines and highway systems were developed in and around Lake Zurich, bringing a population surge with them. By the 1950s, the growing population called for housing and neighborhood development. Since then, the area has grown tremendously, while maintaining its suburban comfort and charm.

Lake Zurich

Just 37 miles northwest of Chicago, located in southwestern Lake County is the village of Lake Zurich. Lake Zurich is a picturesque suburban village that has been named one of the top 100 “Best Places to Raise Your Family” by Frommer’s and one of the “Top Twenty-five Affordable Places to Live in the Country” by U.S. News & World Report. Lake Zurich offers a wealth of amenities, opportunities and services to its residents and guests, including recreational opportunities at the lake that is the village’s namesake. The 2014 estimated census shows Lake Zurich’s population at 20,054 with a median age of 38.6 years, a median household income of $106,103 and a median home value of $322,600. | (847) 438-5141

Deer Park

The village of Deer Park encompasses 3.83 square miles, just southwest of Lake Zurich. The village is a beautiful suburban community surrounded by two large areas of natural, green spaces including the Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve. Shopping is also abundant in Deer Park with both Deer Park Town Center and Town Center Promenade. As of the 2014 census estimates, the Village was home to a population of 3,220 with a median age of 45.7 years, a median household income of $137,030 and a median home value of $450,524 | (847) 726-1648

Hawthorn Woods

40 miles from downtown Chicago and just northeast of Lake Zurich is the beautiful village of Hawthorn Woods, recently recognized as one of the safest cities to live in Illinois. Hawthorn Woods expertly mixes the recreation and amenities of suburban life with a preservation of its rural heritage. Residents and visitors enjoy such leisure and recreation opportunities as the Hawthorn Woods Country Club, the Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center, free concerts in the park throughout the summer and much more. Hawthorn Woods is home to 7,875 residents with a median age of 42.6. The median household income is $151,193, and the median home value is $496,000. | (847) 438-5500


Just to the southeast of Lake Zurich (or 29 miles from Chicago) is the village of Kildeer. Kildeer is a beautiful neighborhood community made of custom homes surrounded by wooded areas, beautiful ponds and lakes, wetlands and natural areas. The village is divided into smaller neighborhoods that create a perfect quiet, close-knit community lifestyle. Kildeer boasts a modest population of 4,115 residents who are a median age of 45.9. The median household income in Kildeer is $158,578, and the median home value is $688,100. | (847) 438-6000

Long Grove

The village of Long Grove is located about five miles southeast of Lake Zurich and 35 miles from downtown Chicago. Long Grove is known for its many annual festivals such as the Apple, Strawberry and Chocolate Fests. Illinois’ first historic district works diligently to preserve its charming atmosphere and genuine character. As of the 2014 estimated census data, 8,181 people called Long Grove home. The village has a median age of 45.6 years, a median household income of $188,750 and a median home value of $690,100. | (847) 634-9440

North Barrington

Bordering Lake Zurich to the northwest is the five-square-mile village of North Barrington. North Barrington includes approximately 1,100 homes and two country clubs situated within a few different neighborhoods. North Barrington’s natural setting within the Fox River atmosphere has drawn residents to this beautiful village for nearly 200 years, and life in North Barrington is just as picturesque today as it was then. North Barrington has a population of 3,107 as of the 2014 estimated census. Residents are a median age of 45.9, with a median household income of $144,982 and a median home value of $528,125 | (847) 381-6000

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