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Many elements need to come together to make a community great and businesses play an important role in this process. Lisle businesses range from the small mom/pop shops to corporate giants that interact on a global stage. I am pleased that a significant number of our businesses have thrived in Lisle for decades with many choosing to expand or build new facilities “in place.” It’s also gratifying to see new businesses opening throughout the village, and I extend a warm welcome to all.

I encourage businesses to take an active role in our government so we can discuss how to make Lisle an even more business-friendly community. Volunteer to become a member of one of our boards, commissions or committees. Share your ideas or suggestions on how we can work together to build upon past successes. Support economic development initiatives that will benefit you and the Lisle community. Together, we can work to ensure businesses continue to grow and expand in Lisle.

I have found that business owners often have a special calling to contribute beyond simply selling a product or service. Many become leaders in the community they serve, donate time and money to special causes, advocate for ethical business practices and more. Lisle would not be the wonderful community it is today without its dedicated business partners.

As the cover of this directory depicts, the Chamber and its members are often involved with organizing and running special events. Diverse events such as the Downtown Lisle Car Shows, golf outings, dinner dances, ale fests, 5K runs and more contribute to something that is hard to measure, but an important factor in a community’s success – quality of life. Special events have a unique way of bringing people together and facilitating enjoyable interactions, making people feel at home and connected to their community, extremely positive outcomes.

As mayor, I want to thank the business community for all that it does, and I especially want to thank the Lisle Area Chamber of Commerce for its steadfast dedication to its members and this village. I look forward to continuing to collaborate on issues that will move the entire community forward.

Christopher Pecak
Christopher Pecak, Mayor

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